What can I do if I disagree with the information about my property in the Valuation Roll?

Firstly, talk to the Assessor’s staff. They will explain the background information used to prepare the valuation, and the source of the names and other information which is shown.

If I still disagree, can I lodge a proposal against the value?

Only in certain circumstances. If you have acquired the property within the last four months, or the valuation has been changed by the Assessor within that period, you will have the right to lodge a proposal. If something has happened to the property, or to its surroundings, which you consider affects the value (what the law describes as a ‘material change of circumstances’) you may have the right to lodge a proposal.

Apart from these circumstances, you may lodge a proposal only at the time of a general revaluation of property. Such revaluations take place periodically. The most recent revaluation came into force on 1st April 2023.

How do I lodge a Proposal?

By writing to the Assessor. You can also lodge a proposal directly with your local Assessor on-line from the Scottish Assessors’ Association Website at www.saa.gov.uk. More information on how to make a proposalĀ  including the time limits for doing this is available at https://www.saa.gov.uk/ndp/.

Your proposal must explain why you think the valuation is wrong and how you would like the entry in the valuation roll to be changed. you must provide the specific grounds for your reasoning, any evidence for the ground andĀ  a statement as to how the evidence supports your proposal.

The Assessor will acknowledge your proposal, and arrange for one of his staff to discuss it with you. In the event that the proposal is incomplete, you will be advised of this and what information you require to provide in order for your proposal to be considered. If you subsequently accept the valuation of your property, you may withdraw the proposal. If the Assessor does not issue you with a decision on your proposal within prescribed timescales or if you are not satisfied with the decision on your proposal, you may lodge an appeal with First-tier Tribunal for Scotland. For more informationĀ  see https://www.saa.gov.uk/vn/vn-further-info/.