Tayside Valuation Joint Board hopes that your business with the Assessor and Electoral Registration Officer has been transacted in a polite and efficient manner, as well as in line with the law relating to these Local Government functions.

In the field of local taxation the Assessor cannot always bring about the outcome you would wish but Tayside Valuation Joint Board is concerned that your case should be dealt with knowledgeably, fairly, and above all, courteously.

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If however you wish to lodge a complaint about the way your case was handled or about an individual member of staff, please use the online complaint form below. A senior member of my staff will investigate your complaint and you will be informed of the outcome. Your complaint and the result of the investigation will also be reported to the Tayside Valuation Joint Board.

If you have completed Tayside Valuation Joint Board’s complaints procedure and remain dissatisfied, you may refer the complaint to the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) by phone (0800 377 7330), or by using the SPSO Contact Us Page or write to

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Alternatively, you may ask your local councillor, MSP, or any person you regard as suitable to contact the SPSO on your behalf.